Tokens 4 Change

Tokens 4 Change (T4C) is a youth initiated one-day fundraising event to help homeless youth in Toronto. In 2011, T4C raised over $30,000 with the help of 250 volunteers. T4C wanted a new logo that had more direct relation to the event while keeping the fonts used in the previous logo. My solution was to use the token as a visual reference, to establish an immediate link between the visual identity and the purpose of the event. I also designed a t-shirt for the event volunteers, and a flyer to be handed out before and during the event. I was gratified to contribute to the success of this year’s fundraising event, with 400 volunteers, T4C raised a massive amount of $67,500!
  • Design
  • Identity
  • Product design
Event photo courtesy: Solar Javid and Youth Without Shelter

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