EcoMentors Website + Collateral

EcoMentors is an Earth Day Canada (EDC) program that trains and support environmental youth leaders to “raise awareness and promote positive change in support of a healthier environment. They engage friends, peers and family, and take a leadership role in environmental education.” I was given a visual mockup created by Senior Website and Graphic Designer, Sarah Graves, and developed it into a fully working website.

EcoMentors Facilitator Manual is a long text document to act as a guide for EcoMentors during the process of conducting environmental education. The intention of re-styling this document had two purposes: one, to update and create a more visually interesting and refreshing look for it; and two, to create a general print collateral style guide for all EDC related documents. Copy contents included paragraphs, side notes, quotes, forms, tables, diagrams, and game cards.

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