Asian Legend 23rd Anniversary

Asian Legend Inc., an expanding restaurant chain that specializes in Northern Chinese cuisine, celebrated its twenty-third anniversary this past August. During that month, new VIP membershp purchasers received a complimentary Hakka-Blue mug, ten percent discount on dining at the restaurant for a year as well as an automatic enrollment in the accumulated points system. The client requested bilingual poster designs that express a high devotion to quality that defined the restaurant brand and visualize the customer benefits of this promotion, with a spotlight on the mug.

Every aspect of the project was designed with a sense of class and modernity to comply with the restaurant’s brand and atmosphere. When juxtaposed, the posters form a continuous flow leading one’s eyes in a discovery and celebration of Asian Legend’s 23-year history through the complimentary mugs. To harmonize the shape and weight differences between English and traditional Chinese characters, they were custom typeset individually. VIP memberships sold in August were six times the monthly average.

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